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Scented Geraniums are timeless. They are a way for us to connect to the past, live in the present and celebrate the future. Not only do they enhance or palettes, but our lives. They convey friendship, love and sympathy. They come in a plethora of colors, shapes, scents and tastes. They can be used fresh or dry; in recipes, arrangements, wreaths, and sachets. Tending to Pelargoniums takes time—the best things in life usually do. They are chaotic, yet constant. They attract pollinators, like bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. In short, they are beautiful and they attract beauty.


We propagate and sell over 20 varieties of Scented Pelargoniums, including citronella, attar of rose, orange, strawberry and chocolate mint. Few people realize that unique, yet hard-to-find plants are also herbs. Their leaves are used for cake decoration, flavoring breads, cakes, sugars and salts and can be used in bath products, essential oils and aromatherapy. We also offer fresh cut heirloom dahlias and vegetable seedlings.

In addition to our wide range of Scented Geraniums Bowery Beach Farm offers more than 100 different species and cultivars of culinary herb seedlings, from Italian basil to the more rare sweet cicely, comfrey, cress and hyssop. We also sell bundles and mixed herbs pots for cooking. We also offer fresh cut heirloom dahlias and vegetable seedlings.

Our growing philosophy is simple: Keep it green. We grow everything ourselves, using the same tools our grandparents did: water, sun and good soil. Our soil is a mixture of peat, loam, and the beneficial fungus—mycorrhizae, while our plants are treated with fish emulsion and mulched with seaweed. We practice crop rotation and are fans of the “no dig” method. Instead compost and cover crops are used to build up nutrients in the soil naturally. We also employ companion planting to keep pests away, while improving flavor and taste. Located in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, Bowery Beach Farm grows its products using field production, a propagation house and 50 foot greenhouse.

A Few of Our Favorite Scented Geraniums

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