Set back on a a few acres in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, less than two miles from the beach we are a small farm focused on growing herbs and scented plants while making the most of growing in small spaces.BoweryBeachFarm.Home

Sometimes your journey takes you someplace you never expected. Ours was fresh cut herbs.

I’ve always known there was something extraordinary about cutting fresh mint or thyme from the garden to flavor a roast rack of lamb or evening cocktail. It’s an experience for all senses. From delicate to succulent, smooth to coarse, herbs possess a variety of textures that add flavor and beauty to your dishes, as well as fragrance and texture to your garden or bouquets. Plus, many draw a bevy of beneficial insects that feed on pesky pests and promote pollination.

Our love affair with these plants began long ago and developed over the years to the point that we now grow more than 30 different herbs, up to eight varieties of each. Although we got our start at local farmers markets, we are now exclusively wholesale and mail-order.

We also propagate and sell more than 50 varieties of scented pelargoniums, including coconut, lemon, lime, old fashioned rose and many other. Few people realize that these unique, yet hard-to-find plants are actually herbs. Their leaves can be used in bouquets, cake decoration, and flavoring breads, cakes, sugars and salts. And for those more adventurous do-it-yourselfers and entrepreneurs, scented geraniums can be distilled into essential oils to be used in bath products and aromatherapy.