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Set back on a a few acres in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, less than two miles from the beach we are a small farm focused on growing culinary and scented plants while making the most of growing in small spaces.

Our love affair with these plants began long ago and developed over the years to the point that we now grow more than 30 different herbs, up to eight varieties of each. Although we got our start at local farmers markets, we are now exclusively wholesale and mail-order.

We propagate and sell more than 50 varieties of scented pelargoniums, including coconut, lemon, lime, old fashioned rose and many other. Few people realize that these unique, yet hard-to-find plants are actually herbs. Their leaves can be used in bouquets, cake decoration, and flavoring breads, cakes, sugars and salts. And for those more adventurous do-it-yourselfers and entrepreneurs, scented geraniums can be distilled into essential oils to be used in bath products and aromatherapy.

Our growing philosophy is simple: Keep it green. We practice intensive, small-scale organic farming techniques to keep our plants healthy, vigorous and productive. Sheet mulching and a comprehensive rotation schedule maintain the farm’s rich soil. Our plants are fed a blend of fish emulsion and seaweed, and we embrace the “no dig” method. Compost and cover crops are used to naturally build up nutrients in the soil and companion plantings and beneficials keep pests away. You cannot beat the flavor and taste of locally grown organic herbs!

Our season begins in fall with the sticking and rooting of rosemary, tarragon and lavender cuttings which are overwintered in the greenhouse, followed by the spring sowing and transplanting. Once spring and summer hits, Kelly is busy growing, succession sowing and harvesting until (and even past) our first frost. Meanwhile, CJ, her husband, makes all of Kelly’s crazy-intense planting dreams come true by building hoop houses, and prepping/rotating the beds when he’s not helping with the tri-weekly harvest.


Kelly is a horticulturist, active Master Gardener and girl-farmer. Her freelance work (as writer & photographer) has appeared in national garden magazines, including Hobby Farms, local newspapers, and her first bookThe Backyard Kitchen Gardener, by Lyons Press will be available April 1, 2017. (You can pre-order at Amazon, Barnes + Noble, IndieBound, Lyons Press or get your signed copy here!) In addition, Kelly travels throughout New England and beyond giving garden lectures, workshops and demonstrations. She graduated with her Master of Science degree in Horticulture from Texas Tech University in 2008. Kelly has also appeared on local television stations hawking the virtues of gardening and growing.

Aside from dirt, Kelly loves bread and cheese, over-sized sweaters and Jane Austen novels. For more information on Kelly and her garden lectures, contact her here!

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