Bulbs are Busting Out!

Forced Bulbs | Bowery Beach Farm

Potted up in late October, now is the time of year I can begin pulling my forced bulb pots from the cold.

Most were potted in soil, but I did some hyacinth water forcing in the fridge. And they look ready to bust open!

Water Forced Hyacinth | Bowery Beach Farm

Every year I’m amazed that within one day the shoots go from white to green. It really is the magic of forcing. And just think that in a few more weeks my house – which is shrouded in wintery, cold snow (grrrr!) – will be filled with color and the sweet scent of Spring!


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Happy Spring


The snow has not gotten the hint yet that it is finally Spring, and no one wants to play with him anymore. It’s not that I don’t like him … it’s just that I’ve had my fill till next year and am ready to play with my plants.


Lately I’ve been trying to trick myself into thinking that winter is over. I’ve been forcing bulbs galore, and then there is daylight savings time and of course the seeding that has been going on since late January. But my mind is not in the mood to be swayed. No matter what it knew it was still cold. It was still snowy. And it was still winter.

But now no more!


Spring is actually here!



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