October Dahlia Harvest

Growing and Harvesting Dahlias | Bowery Beach Farm

It’s hard to believe but the dahlias just keep going and going. 

Growing and Harvesting Dahlias | Bowery Beach Farm

And with the weatherman calling for frost every other day I’m amazed they’ve kept producing at such an incredible rate. So now I’m getting greedy and don’t want to give up our trice weekly dahlia harvests.

Growing and Harvesting Dahlias | Bowery Beach Farm

So far I’ve been able to harvest from both the dahlias in the field and the hoop house, although I’m sure the ones in the open air will eventually succumb to the cold first.

Growing and Harvesting Dahlias | Bowery Beach Farm

For these lovely autumn weddings the ‘Snoho Doris’ and ‘Bracken Rose’ give such a lovely punch of pink color to their bouquets while still evoking the essence of fall. And we certainly can’t forget the loveliness of  Fluer and Cafe au Lait’s.

Growing and Harvesting Dahlias | Bowery Beach Farm

Hoping these beauties will keep rocking’ it into November with the cover of the hoop house. And then I’ll find someway to coerce my husband into braving the cold to take down the greenhouse for the season and help me with digging just under 100 dahlia plants …

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What’s Flowering?


I wait all year for this time. I know there are so many plants that have already been flowering in the garden but there is nothing, and I mean NOTH-ING like dahlias in bloom.

This year I have quite a new new dahlias in my trial gardens, and this Mystery Day is one of them. 

Mystery Day Dahlia

And while this new butterflies-in-the-tummy feeling I’m getting from getting my first look at MD, I know my one, true love is on its way. 

Yes, you know who I mean …

The Cafe au Lait. 

Growing Dahlias

But I can’t help but share with you my (minor) disappointment in seeing her first bloom is more pinky than blush. 

I know there is variation within these tubers so I’ll just have to wait another week for the rest of them begin to open and (hopefully) surprise me with lots of creamy loveliness.

It seems like my dahlias are a bit behind this year, not exactly sure why. But I’m thinking (and this is just a guess here) that we had a really chilly spring and start to summer and that is why they are so slow to bloom. But who cares?! They’re starting to flower now so I will forget all my worry and disappointment from the past two weeks of no dahlias.

In the meantime I will take heart in how the scented geraniums are coming along in the hoop house. It never ceases to amaze me the difference a few weeks makes …

Growing Scented Geraniums

Even the Verbena Boriensis I planted on one side of the greenhouse is happy .

Verbena Boriensis

So I will leave you with thoughts of blooming summer flowers …. 



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