Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas | Bowery Beach Farm

Merry Christmas from my family to yours!

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Christmas Decorating

DIY Christmas Gingerbread house Bowery Beach Farm

Every year it’s the same old story …. I cannot believe it’s almost Christmas! And I’m sure it is the same in your house this time of year. The most magical time of year is always going so fast.

As I do every year I made my gingerbread house. But this year I made it significantly bigger and Houston, we have a problem. The roof broke. But no worries. 

A little super glue (we don’t eat our house, its more just to look pretty), more frosting to ‘hide’ the damage, and some string to hold it together while the glue and frosting reset and we were all good to go. again. 

Then after spending some quality time with Pinterest I just had to make some of these DIY Snow Globes. Which I was rather satisfied with. 🙂

DIY Christmas Snowglobe| Bowery Beach Farm

One of my favorite traditions of the season is to wrap all the gifts. My husband always says he plans to help but seems to ‘disappear’ when it comes time to wrap. But that’s okay. Me and Mr. Bert settle in with a pile of Christmas movies and go to town!

DIY Christmas Wrapping| Bowery Beach Farm

This year I went old school with my wrapping plan. I used brown kraft paper, greens and wild rose hips cut from the garden and some bakers twine to hold it all together.

But the gifts would be nothing without the tree …

DIY Christmas | Bowery Beach Farm

A few years ago my mom and I found a local nursery that sells these sparsely branched ‘Charlie Brown’ trees which I just LOVE! Hope you all are finding time this holiday season to enjoy your favorite traditions.


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Christmas Wreaths

Christmas Wreath  | Bowery Beach Farm

With Christmas around the corner there’s so much to do … gifts to buy, presents to wrap, parties to attend, work to finish and life to keep up with.

But one thing every home should have that says “Welcome! Christmas is here!” is a wreath. My husband always says I have enough greenery and Christmas decor but I can’t help myself when I pass take a walk through the garden or on a local trail … there is usually something green and alive that comes back with me.

The above wreath is made with sprigs of balsam tied to a wreath base using floral wire (which everyone should have in their house … it has a multitude of uses) and decorated with pinecones, red fake apples for color and a red and white bow. I especially love that when you pass a live wreath you can breathe in Christmas!

Another favorite is the boxwood wreath.

How to make boxwood wreath | Bowery Beach Farm

This is a wreath I make annually. And this year I got my grubby little paws on some real, live mistletoe! So you know that means it’s making its way into ALL my Christmas decorations. There’s only one caveat. And its BIG. Mistletoe is poisonous so make sure there are no berries or leaf droppings that children or your pets can pick up and put in their mouths! But other than that these white berries add a little something extra!

Rosemary WreathHow to make boxwood wreath | Bowery Beach Farm

And as an herb farmer, my live Christmas decor would be incomplete with out some rosemary included somewhere. So this year I used the same metal wreath frame I use for my outdoor wreaths, I just choose a smaller diameter, and made a rosemary wreath for the back of each chair of our kitchen/dining room table. Not only do they look pretty, but our family and guests get to take one home and as they dry can be used in the kitchen on cold winter nights!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Thankful for my mom and sister

Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving and may you be surrounded with love today!

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Natural Thanksgiving Decorations

Natural Thanksgiving Decorations | Bowery Beach Farm

Here at the farm I like to bring outdoors inside. Here is a peek at how I decorated our Thanksgiving table.

Obviously there are a lot of pumpkins that are brought in from the garden. This year we grew the famous Fairytale Pumpkin which has a lovely muted orange hue that was screaming to be our Thanksgiving centerpiece. Simply hollowed out the center, washed it with a mix of water and clorox to keep it fresher longer and deter mold from growing, and inserted a plastic chinese food soup container into the pumpkin. Then I added water and a ball of chicken wire to the plastic vase insert and added some lime green hydrangeas from Trader Joe’s and some wild rose hips and ferns collected from our frosted gardens and voila!

Natural Thanksgiving Decorations | Bowery Beach Farm

I also included some small Baby Boo white pumpkins and dried eucalyptus pods to complete the table. The runner is simply made of burlap sacks I had laying around the potting shed that I cut and ironed. And the place settings are a mix of my favorite flea market find china and mismatched hotel silverware tied in a brown ribbon with a fern sprig to add some earthiness. 

Natural Thanksgiving Decorations | Bowery Beach Farm

As much as the pumpkin centerpiece was the focal point, my favorite detail were these little candlestick wreathes I made of wild rose hips and dried ferns from the yard. They’re were made super easily using green floral wire as a base and to tie it all together. These are so pretty and are drying so well I’m planning to use them on our Christmas table as well!

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