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I’m Kelly

I’m a small-scale, organic herb farmer, writer and speaker growing in coastal Maine. You can find me in the greenhouse, looking slightly rumpled. Besides dirt, I’m obsessed with bread and cheese, over-sized sweaters and Jane Austen novels. Want to know more about me? Read on, for all the juice!

Helen Hayes Quote

I taped this quote to my desk when I was 16. For me, there’s something almost sacred about growing. I love getting dirty, the smell of rich soil, the planting, pinching and harvesting. It’s home.

One reason I like plants is because they don’t talk back. Unlike most social occasions, I don’t lie awake in bed agonizing over what I’ve said or done after spending the day in the garden.

In the garden I am a superhero; I can bring a flat of clearance sale geraniums back from the dead. (Unfortunately, I can just as easily forget that I left said flat in the trunk of my car during a heatwave. True story.)

Ten years after my husband and I escaped to Maine, I’m livin’ the dream growing herbs on my farm. I’ve done it all, from farmer’s markets and mail-order to florists, brides and wholesale. The off-season is filled with speaking gigs, organizing photos and writing books (The Backyard Gardener), blogs and articles. Not to mention my ever-growing laundry pile that threatens to overtake us (Everyday I pray it’s learned to fold itself).

When I realized I couldn’t do it all myself, a friend asked, “What do you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” A plain, straightforward question. My plain, straightforward answer: grow and share. So here I am, game on!

  1. I grow everything organically. All you need is a few good bugs, landscape fabric and oh-so-fragrant fish emulsion.
  2. I was born an old soul.
  3. My fantasy garden is way bigger than what the laws of time and space allow.
  4. It’s never a choice between seeds and shoes. Seeds. Every time.
  5. I’m long-winded. I try to be concise, but there will always something I want to add.
Kelly Orzel | Herb Farmer, Author, Speaker

Kelly gives talks about growing everything from herbs and flowers to vegetables and design. Traveling throughout New England and beyond she shares everything she’s learned—the good and the bad—about gardening. For a complete list and detailed descriptions of Kelly’s presentations check out her Speaking Engagements.

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