If fresh cut herbs and scented geraniums are your jam, we are definitely kindred spirits. We got our start with farmers markets and mail-order, but now sell exclusively wholesale. So, if you are a chef, restaurateur, florist or nursery and interested in our organic herbs or scented geraniums,  email us at wholesale@bowerybeachfarm.com for all the details and we can get you started!

organic wholesale herbs

Fresh Cut Herbs

Fresh cut organic herbs are available from April through December. Most are priced by weight, with edible flowers priced per stem/head. We deliver every Monday and Friday morning. Emergency deliveries result in an additional service charges. Availability lists are emailed twice a week. Orders need to be in by noon on Sunday and Thursday.

organic wholesale scented geraniums

Scented Geraniums

Our organic scented geranium (pelargonium) stock is built up in late summer. They come potted in 2.5″ pots, with a minimum $100. The ordering deadline for the spring season is September 30th. We are often sold out by holidays, and don’t restock until the later in the summer. Email us for our availability and price list.

organic wholesale herbs for market

Pelargonium Stems for Bouquets and Arrangements

Scented geranium stems for florists and brides are available à la carte. To order, email us.

Kelly Orzel Harvesting Herbs in Maine

Hey there! I’m Kelly, a small-scale, organic herb farmer, author and speaker growing in coastal Maine. I totally believe I was born in the wrong era, am deathly afraid of snakes (ironic, I know) and garden stalking is completely reasonable behavior in my opinion. Want to know more? Read on here!